OldSchoolHack GUI
Beispiel: eine einfach Form

Dieses Beispiel fasst nochmal die vorherigen Tutorials zum Erstellen von eigenen Formen zusammen und stellt eine neue Form vor. Die Form ist nochmal ausführlich kommentiert.

class SimpleForm : public Form //create a new form which inherits the Form class
Label *helloLabel;
Button *countButton;
Label *countLabel;
void InitializeComponent() //this method initialize all controls
this->SetText("Simple Form"); //set form caption
this->SetBounds(10, 10, 400, 300); //place form at (10/10) with 400x300px size
helloLabel = new Label(); //create a new Label with parent = this
helloLabel->SetName("helloLabel"); //set the name so you can use GetControlByName(...)
helloLabel->SetText("Hello, I'm a Label. :)"); //set the text
helloLabel->SetLocation(6, 6); //set the position relative to the form
//no need to set the size because a label has autosize
//to disable autosize use helloLabel->SetAutoSize(false);
this->AddControl(helloLabel); //add helloLabel to the forms controllist
countButton = new Button(); //create a new Button with parent = this
countButton->SetName("countButton"); //set the name so you can use GetControlByName(...)
countButton->SetText("press me"); //set the text
v->SetLocation(5, 25); //set the position and use default button size
//to set the size use SetSize or SetBounds or use autosize => SetAutoSize(true)
countButton->GetClickEvent() += ClickEventHandler([this](Control *control)
{ //this method will be called every time you click the button
//add an onclickevent to the button using a lambdaexpression
//if you don't like lambdas you can use this version:
//countButton->GetClickEvent() += ClickEventHandler(std::bind(&SimpleForm::button_Click, this, std::placeholders::_1, std::placeholders::_2));
countLabel = new Label(); //create a new Label with parent = this
countLabel->SetName("countLabel"); //set the name so you can use GetControlByName(...)
countLabel->SetText("Button pressed 0 times"); //set the text
countLabel->SetLocation(6, 50); //set the position
countLabel->SetTag(Misc::Any(0)); //set the tag. The tag can hold every datatype. We can use it to count the buttonclicks.
InitializeComponent(); //just call this method to initialize all controls
void countButton_Click(Control *sender)
//read old count value from tag
Any tag = countLabel->GetTag();
int count = tag.CastTo<int>();
//and increase it
//use the Strings::Format method to create a new string
Misc::AnsiString test = Misc::String::Format("Button pressed %u times", count);
//and set it as text
//set the new count as tag
tag = count;